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Verve App project overview

We redesigned the Verve online gaming platform, focusing on improved user experience. Our project included a new logo, updated color palette, redesigned 60+ pages, and new features like in-game live chat with image sharing.

We successfully completed this comprehensive redesign within an 8-week timeframe.


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UIExpertz Revamps Verve App in 8 Weeks!

We (UIExpertz) put the "fun" in functionality with our recent makeover of the Verve app! In just 8 weeks, we transformed the platform to make gaming with friends even more awesome. Now users can chat live while playing and share funny pics with sliding images.

We also designed a fresh new logo and revamped over 60 pages, giving the app a sleek upgrade. Get ready to level up your gaming experience with the all-new Verve app!

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The Verve app offered online game creation and friend chat, but its backdated design and lack of in-game chat features created a frustrating user experience. This resulted in low engagement and hindered the app's potential to be a truly social gaming platform.

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Our team faced the challenge of completely revamping the Verve app within an ambitious 8-week timeframe. This meant not only redesigning over 60 pages but also implementing crucial features like live chat and interactive elements within the chat interface. It was akin to transforming a complex game level into a user-friendly experience for players of all skill levels.

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UIExpertz tackled the challenge with a comprehensive solution. We implemented a complete UI/UX overhaul, giving the app a fresh, intuitive, and engaging design that fostered user interaction. To enhance the social aspect, we integrated a seamless live chat feature that allows players to strategize and banter in real time. For an extra layer of fun, we introduced the ability to share humorous images using a dynamic sliding feature within the chat. Finally, we designed a brand-new logo that perfectly complemented the app's revitalized look and feel.


We studied the market landscape, examining competitor offerings and identifying potential areas for differentiation in Verve's design.


We collaborated with Verve to refine the brand voice and messaging, ensuring it resonated with the target audience. A new logo was designed to visually represent Verve's brand essence and values.

Style Guide

We created a comprehensive style guide that defined core design elements like typography, color palette, imagery, and button styles. This ensured visual coherence throughout the platform.

UI Design

Low-fidelity wireframes were developed to map user flows and page layouts. These were then refined into interactive prototypes for user testing and feedback. High-fidelity mockups to incorporate the established brand identity and style guide to bring the user interface to life.

UI Interaction

We meticulously designed user interactions, such as animations and transitions, to create an intuitive and engaging experience.


A fully functional, clickable prototype was built to simulate the final app experience, allowing for thorough testing and refinement.


We conducted rigorous usability testing with a representative user group to identify any usability issues and optimize the design for optimal user experience.


We provided developers with comprehensive design assets, style guides, and documentation to seamlessly translate the design vision into a functional app.


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Casestady: Verve App primary features

Verve just got a major upgrade, and it's all about leveling up the user's gaming experience!

Now the user can chat with friends live while playing, with no need to switch apps. They can share cool sliding images in the chats to add some extra fun and expression. On top of that, the app itself looks way smoother and easier to use, making everything from finding games to chatting a breeze.

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