If you are developing an app or a website, you will come across the term “UX/UI design” for sure. For small projects, you won’t worry much about that because the design agency will take care of that part. But if this is a large project where UX design matters a lot, or if you are not happy with the design of your existing solution, you will need a dedicated UX research agency.

But there is a catch. While you don’t know much about the UX design process that UX research is part of, how would you know which agency will work for you? After all, you are going to make some serious investments, and you want the best ROI possible. 

Well, don’t worry! Here, we compiled a list of thebest UX research agencies available in 2023, along with factors to consider when looking for their expertise. We believe you will be able to pick the right agency with this guide!

What Exactly is UX research?

User experience (UX) research is all about collecting, analyzing, and empathizing with the end user’s insights and then applying those findings into the design for an amazing experience. It is part of the early UX design process. 

If you team up with a UX research agency like UIExpertz, they first gather your user’s information like behavior, through surveys, reviews, and feedback so they can understand it better and make design decisions accordingly. Without this crucial phase, you may end up with a solution that won’t provide any value. 

Why is UX Research Important?

As you can see, UX research paves way for better user satisfaction and business outcomes. Here are the reasons you should a hire a reliable UX research agency:

Improved customer satisfaction

As you can see, UX research is about finding out what the end user is expecting from your solution. This means it provides you the opportunity to make the design totally user-centric and delight the customers with features and functionality that they expect from your solution.

Reduced design cost and post-launch maintenance

Before you deploy the solution, you can point out the major design flaws, usability issues, and the scope for improvements. Also, solving the core design issues help you prevent redesign costs and minimize post-launch maintenance needs.

Increased conversion rates and ROI

When your solution is up to par, the conversion rates will be increased for sure. The users will sign up for your services, subscribe for updates, and even recommend your brand to others, which ultimately helps generate more revenue.

Competitive advantage

UX research is a great way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. If you can ensure a stunning user experience, you will be able to stay one step ahead of the competition with better engagements. 

Top 7 UX Research Agencies in 2023

1. UIExpertz: An Award-Winning UX Research Agency with 10+ Years of Experience

When it comes to crafting a result-driven digital solution leveraging the benefits of UX research, you can trust UIExpertz. We are a cutting-edge UX/UI design agency offering conversion-focused UX research, review, writing, and design services.

Our dedicated UX specialist team is armed with all the tools, technology, and other resources necessary to make a difference. We take innovative approaches and create an actionable blueprint for an agile design process. Each research is conducted by a team of UX specialists under the supervision of a project manager to ensure a pleasant outcome, and our client testimonials vouch for it! 

Unlike other UX research agencies that offer a wide range of services, we specialize in UX/UI design only. As a result, while other agencies spread their resources too thin, our focus lies on a single area. This allows us to provide more personalized attention to each client, maintain direct and effective communication, and explore innovative solutions with creative freedom.

We are also more agile and adaptable to changes in project scope and client preferences. As a result, we can give greater focus and care to your project for a more tailored and intimate working relationship.


  • Expertise in quantitative, qualitative, behavioral & attitudinal research
  • Seasoned UX research specialists
  • Conversation-focused digital solutions
  • Cutting-edge research tools and resources
  • Trusted UX research agency with decade-long experience 


  • UX audit
  • Surveys and interviews
  • Data analysis
  • Expert UX reviews
  • Prototyping and testing

Other Solutions

  • App design
  • Website design
  • Landing page design
  • SaaS design

2. Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g): Best for Research-Based UX Guidance, Consulting & Training

Since the early days of UX, Nielsen Norman Group has been providing UX research consultancy to a global client base. Not only do they provide UX research and consultancy services but they also train and certify UX practitioners.

Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, the pioneers of UX research, established NN/g in 1998. Don Norman is the famous author of “The Design of Everyday Things,” which is considered a milestone in user experience design.

NN/g evaluates UX research consultancy, trains the client’s team, and runs workshops for a world-class user experience.

What’s more, NN/g developed a set of usability principles and guidelines to inspire new UX designers so they emphasize more on innovation and client satisfaction. They have now become gold standards that are being followed all over the world. 

They also held annual conferences to share the latest designs, insights, and trends in the industry. You can visit their website for more UX-related content like articles, reports, and videos.


  • 25 years of industry experience
  • Proven tools and methodology
  • Actionable and practical approach
  • Dedicated group of experts
  • On-site training facilities for clients


  • UX Consultation
  • Training and certifications
  • UX resources and guidelines

3. Momentum Design Lab: #1 UX Agency on Clutch for 7 years

Since their inception in 2002, Momentum Design Lab has established themselves as a prominent leader in the field of design thinking and experience. They have worked with hundreds of startups and enterprises so far, including non-profit organizations in sectors like marketing tech, consumer products, healthcare, financial, and high-tech industries.

Momentum Design Lab is a highly-rated UX research and design firm run by a group of product innovators, architects, and engineers. With a focus on maximizing ROI and exceeding client expectations, they deliver world-class solutions.

Leveraging the latest IT tech, tools and software like AI, ML, IoT, blockchain, AR, and VR, they have revolutionized design thinking and assessment for impressive business results.

Claimed to be the titan of the UX industries, Momentum Design Lab has an influential track record. With 21 years of providing impactful UX research, design, and development services under their belt, they have successfully completed 750+ projects, including 7% Fortune 500 companies, and created a staggering $50B+ value for their client base.


  • Human-centric customer experience
  • On-site collaboration with the client’s team
  • Simple solution for complex issues
  • 50+ experienced team members across all industries


  • User feedback assessment 
  • Product engineering
  • Complete UX solutions

4. Goji Labs: The Intersection of Science & Art

Goji Labs is a 100% remote UX/UI research and design company that holds the #1 position on Clutch. They have been in the business for more than 10 years and launched 214 products. Combining the best of science, technology, and art, they help small-to large-scale companies launch their iconic products through strategic research and planning.

Goji Labs offers complete UX solutions starting from the primary research with user interviews and surveys. They also conduct secondary research like competitive analysis and industry insights to find more accurate results and reduce redesign cost.

If you want to review your whole UX report, they have got your back. After completing this procedure, they will deliver you the full assessments, plans, guides, and recommendations.


  • Workshop to know users better
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Award -winning results
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Remote company


  • UX auditing
  • UX researching
  • UX/UI designing
  • UX design consulting

5. Halo Lab: A Custom Design & Development Company

Halo Lab is the #1 agency on Dribble that achieved 70 awards and completed 350+ UX projects. They are a full-stack design and development team based in Ukraine with 10+ years of experience specializing in complex projects and custom design.

Apart from creating fantastic product designs, they offer development services for web, mobile, and software solutions and integration services for ChatGPT and API. For branding and digital growth, they are known to offer exceptional SEO, social media design, and content marketing services.

Halo Lab tries to understand their client’s business goal first and maintains transparent commitment with effective communication to bring real value to the partnership. These principals help ensure the success and growth of the project.

Over the years, they helped hundreds of SMEs and large enterprises craft stunning designs. Some of their satisfied clients include big brands like Corel, Oppo, Udemy, JBL, and Creative Market.


  • Personalized research
  • Goal-oriented team
  • Unique UX/UI design solutions
  • User journey mapping
  • 5-star rated on GoodFirm


  • Product research
  • Design research
  • UX Auditing
  • UX Development
  • Digital Marketing

6. Qubstudio: Driving Growth by Centering Design Innovation

Qubstudio is a globally recognized UX/UI design and branding agency founded in 2007. Specialized in designing smooth and tailored user experiences for cross-platforms like web, iOS, Windows, and Android, they serve digital-first companies in sectors like fintech, logistics, healthcare, edtech, and HRtech.

Qubstudio implements the power of emerging technology, creative thinking, and data-driven methodology for simple but beautiful user experiences. They can bring digital product ideas to life within a short period of time. Apart from design, development and maintenance services, they also cover branding services like visual audit, logo and corporate identity.

Since their inception, Qubstudio has become the trusted UX research and design agency for established businesses in different domains and global brands. They have a team of 75+ creative and industry experts.


  • Design innovation with user data
  • Data-driven insights
  • Quick fix for complex challenges
  • Unique design solution
  • Large creative team of experts


  • UX/UI Audit
  • Market and user research
  • User testing
  • Analytics and optimization

7. Lighthouse: Trusted by Enterprise Organizations to Tackle the Toughest Challenges

Based in London, Lighthouse has been innovating and bringing client-oriented design solutions since 2008.

The young demographic is unpredictable, and designing interfaces for teens is complicated. But Lighthouse has years of experience working with teen behaviors and emotions. Using this knowledge, they can design unique and tailored solutions preferable for the youth.

They are a 100% product-focused company and know how to deliver the best KPIs by measuring the impact of their work. The team prefers to communicate with everyone in your business, from engineers to senior management. 

Tom Johnson and Dan Gent are the co-founders of Lighthouse Design Agency. Tom Johnson is a design expert who has been in this industry since 1998. Though Lighthouse was founded in London, they now have design specialists all around the world.


  • Team collaboration with the client
  • Product-oriented design
  • Cross platform adaptation
  • Productive and long-lasting client relationship


  • UX audits
  • In-depth user research
  • Workshops
  • Market analysis
  • Prototype designing and testing

How to Choose the Right UX Research Consulting Agency?

Before you discuss your project with a UX consultant, make sure you have a clear goal about what you want to achieve because without a proper vision, the research team won’t be able to help you much.

1. Research Methodologies and Approaches

When you first talk about your project, look into their research methodologies and tools. Also, the agency should ask about your visions and goals for a better picture.

If you need a customized research plan, ask them whether they will prepare one for you. When you get these answers, you will have a better understanding of their methods and be able to decide whether they can manage your project or not.

Here at UIExpertz, we have a dedicated team of UX researchers ready to hear your plans, goals, and visions. Also, we can tailor your project plan and customize it according to your needs.

2. Portfolio, Projects, and Testimonials

Usually, when you search for UX research agencies, you will find many don’t have enough portfolios to showcase their capabilities. If you don’t find those convincing, don’t hesitate to ask for more.

The agency’s portfolio, running projects, and testimonials will give you some idea about their strengths and weaknesses. Also, ask them whether they have completed any project that was similar to yours.

3. Project Cost and Timeline

You don’t want to hire a UX research firm that costs you a fortune. Also, you wouldn’t want to wait six months to get things done. To keep it within your reach, you should ask the right questions – how much do they charge, and what is their timeline?

Your budget will depend on the product valuation. If this is an expensive project, you can afford to spend some money. On the other hand, if the agency handles enterprise-level projects but you are a small company, you better avoid them since they will charge way higher. 

4. UX Research Specialization

There is a significant difference between specialized and generic UX research agencies. The specialized agency focuses on only UX/UI research while the generic one provides other relevant services as well, such as UI design, web and app development, and more. 

Since specialized UX agencies have a deep and focused expertise in user experience design, you will get to enjoy more innovative UX solutions.

However, full-fledged agencies also have their advantages. They can offer a broader range of services under one roof, which is convenient if you need a comprehensive marketing or development strategy along with UX design. Full-service agencies often also have more resources and capacity for large-scale projects.

How much does a UX researcher cost?

The UX research cost depends on several factors such as your project valuation, budget, research type, experience, geo-location, timeline, and methodology.

According to PayScale, the average UX researcher costs $50 per hour. On the other hand, Contact Rates listed the worldwide average hourly rate as $66, the day rate as $396, and the salary as $109,263.

If you hire a large UX researcher agency, no matter your budget, the cost will be much higher than average. So, prepare to spend more for the better.

At UIExpertz, we offer competitive costing for UX research services along with a customized research plan. No matter what UX challenges you’re facing, we are there to make your life a little easier with our decade-long hands-on industry experience and cutting-edge UX research resources.  

Final Thoughts

We know it’s not so easy to find the best UX research agency from so many options out there. We believe with this guide, you will be able to make the right choice and partner up with an agency that helps you during the product’s whole UX design and development phases by integrating the research outcome – user’s needs, challenges, and pain points.

A good UX consultant will collaborate with your team on-site to define and achieve your goal. Check to see that your preferred agency understands your user behaviors and identifies the correct trends and patterns.

You can contact us if you have a project right now and consult with our team of expert UX researchers. We are ready to provide you with the best plan within your budget.


Yes, of course. In the pre-development phases of any product, the user’s insights have a significant impact on ensuring a consumer-oriented design. Also, user feedback, reviews, and surveys help speed up the roadmap creation process and eliminate unnecessary development and design costs.

These are the most common ways to gather user data:
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Usability testing
  • User data analysis
  • Market and industry data analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Card sorting

Not really. Anyone could be a UX researcher without a degree, as long as they have practical knowledge and experience. However, they should have a deeper understanding of user behavior and research methodology, such as how to use tools and technology for data collection and analysis.