There are many factors that influence the cost of a website redesign, such as the complexity of design changes, the size and functionality of the website, the level of customization needed, the choice of technology, content migration requirements, and the extent of testing and optimization.

Other factors like hiring professional designers or agencies, incorporating new features, and addressing SEO considerations can also have a significant impact on your budget.

To give you some idea, the range is anywhere between $1000 to $100,000. Usually, agencies charge more than freelancers while you can save a lot by going DIY (if you have the skills necessary).

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about website redesign cost so that no matter your project scope or budget, you can boost the ROI of your website.

What is Website Redesign?

When you already have a website but are not happy with its look or functionalities or overall performance, you need to modify the design.

You may also have to consider this when there are new design trends in your industry or business goals or when you need to adjust your business goals.

Different Types of Web Redesign

1 Rebuilding the Website

Rebuilding the website is like recreating from scratch. It includes modifying the code and backend technologies and updating the user interface.

You will need expert help who will initiate the process with an in-depth UX research, where user behaviors and requirements will be analyzed meticulously.

In most cases, web rebuilding requires changes in the code where different languages like HTML, CSS, Python, Java, and SQL are used.

At the same time, the User Interface also receives drastic changes with the help of different design apps like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision.

Other than the logo, trademark, and any other branding elements, very little of the existing website is used in the majority of cases when a website is revamped.

Estimated Cost: You may need to spend between $5k and $80k to rebuild your website.

2 Remodeling the Website

When you are happy with the overall functionalities of your website but still need to make some changes at the interface and coding level, you should try remodeling the website.

The main purpose is to boost the performance. Adding some user input forms or more pages are examples of remodeling at the interface level. People usually prefer this if there are security or loading issues.

Remodeling will not change your site fundamentally but will improve its overall performance.

Estimated Cost: On average web designers charge from $3k to $10k to remodel a website.

3 Rewiring the Website

This involves backend updates like migrating to a new Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or adopting a different data management system.

Here, the key concept is to remove and add some backend features while keeping the basic structure intact.

Rewiring a site is less expensive than redesigning or remodeling because you do not need to make any significant changes. When you rewire, the visitors won’t see any apparent changes but will have a better user experience.

Estimated Cost: Be prepared to spend between $2k to $5k to rewire your website.

4 Redecorating the Website

Redecorating is a type of web redesign where you make some changes at the interface level only.

You’ll need this when the users find it difficult to navigate through the platform or you can also do it just for some fresh looks.

Another reason is to keep up with the market trend. When all your competitors have revamped their websites, how can you stay behind?

Estimated Cost: Depending on your requirements, you have to invest between $1k and $10k to redecorate the website.

Website Redesign Cost: How Much to Pay?

As said before, the cost will vary depending on the size of your website, the changes it needs, and the agency or freelancer you are hiring.

Cost Depending on the Service Provider

This table shows website redesign costs depending on the type of the service provider.

Service ProviderAverage Cost
Web Design Agency$5k to $100k
Freelancers$1k to $15k
DIY Approach$500 to 10k

Cost Depending on the Size and Redesign Task

All websites can be categorized into three groups depending on their sizes – small (less than 50 pages), medium (51 to 250 pages), and large (250+ pages). 

Cost of Interface Redesign

Generally, interface redesign involves only changes in the visual elements. For a small website, it may cost $2k to $5k.

For a medium website, it’ll set you back $8k and $15k. On the other hand, large websites will cost $10k to $25k.

Cost of Backend Redesign

Connecting to a new database, migrating to a new CMS, and acquiring platform independence for the web pages are some examples of backend redesign.

For a small website, the budget range will be between $7k to $15k. You may need to pay between $16k to $28k if you own a medium website. For a large website, the cost is from $24k to $50k.

Cost of Copywriting Redesign

A user may not purchase from a website if they are not convinced with the existing content or details. The solution is to redesign the site by changing the text with a skilled copywriter.

Depending on the size, you may need to spend between $2k and $10k. Copywriting for a small website can vary between $2k to $4k,  $4k to $7k for a medium, $6k to $10k for a large website.

Cost of Promoting

Sometimes, you need to add different features and functionalities to promote and optimize your website’s performance, such as strategies like SEO, content marketing, social media promotion, email marketing, online advertising, and analytics.

For a small website, marketing expenditure can be between $3k and $5k monthly. For a medium website, you need to spend from $4k to $6k. It may take $6k to $8k for a large website.

Website SizeCosmeticBackendCopywritingMarketing  (Per Month)
Small Website$3k to $5k$7k to $15k$2k to 4k$3k to $5k
Medium Website$9k to $15k$16k to $28k$4k to $7k$4k to $6k
Large Website$15k to $25k$24k to $50k$6k to $10k$6k to $8k

A research by GoodFirms – a B2B review and rating organization – found that flat designs are now the most popular in web design (preferred by 88.5% of web designers), which involves simple two-dimensional design elements and bright colors. 

Another trendy web design style is expressive typography. According to the same research, 61.5% of web designers are now using customized and expressive typography.

Expressive Typography

Some other popular web design trends include broken grid layouts, virtual reality videos, and voice user interfaces.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Website Redesign?

Different redesign solutions need a distinct set of expertise and the website redesign cost varies a lot depending on which skill is being used.

1The Volume of the Website

You need to spend on a website redesign depending on the website size. Naturally, the cost of redesign will go high if your website has many pages.

2Level of Complexity

Redecorating, rewiring, remodeling, and rebuilding- all types of website redesign have different levels of complexity. The cost of redesign can significantly go up if the task is too complex.

3The Uniqueness of Design

If you want the user interface to be too trendy and unique, your redesign cost will be high. Big companies invest a lot to find unique typography, logos, and design themes.

4 Urgency

Sometimes, you may need to redesign on an urgent basis. Imagine your website got hacked and needs an immediate security update. Professional website redesigners may charge more if you need it done right away.

Is Web Redesign Too Costly?

The web redesign cost has increased in recent years but there are some reasons behind it.

The first reason for the cost hike is the worldwide pandemic. During the lockdown period, almost everyone was forced to be part of the net world. As a result, websites required an overhaul and redesign to accommodate more people.

Along with the high demand for web redesign, the cost also rose. In addition, the overall inflation also played a significant role in the cost hike.

Another good reason for the increased cost of web redesign is modern design patterns. Nowadays, almost every website ensures a dynamic user experience. Static web pages are now almost history! 

Interactive, engaging, and responsive web pages come with a higher cost of web design. 

When Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

Your website needs a redesign when it fails to perform as intended. Some common reasons for redesigning can be less traffic, insignificant conversion ratio, poor navigation, unattractive interface, etc.

Lack of Traffic

There is no point in running a website if only a few people come to visit it. When you see that the number of visitors to your website has declined you should start looking for website redesigning services.

You should regularly check the traffic statistics of your website using tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, etc. If you find something fishy consult an expert to understand what is going wrong.

Poor Conversion Ratio

The conversion ratio tells us how many visitors to a website take a service or buy a product from the site.

For the sake of your business growth, you need to understand why people are not choosing your services or products and should go for a web redesign if the performance or user interface of the site is the reason for a poor conversion ratio.

You should hire a professional web designing agency to find out the exact reason for poor conversion since only an expert knows the right method to diagnose problems in the designs of websites.

A dull user interface, a clueless navigation system, or a long loading time can discourage a visitor from making a purchase.

Outdated Interface

Any website can fail to perform if its appearance is not soothing or contemporary and the net world changes frequently.

That is why many industry experts suggest that websites should be updated at the interface level every 3-5 years.

Difficult Navigation

Your website must have a flawless navigation system to make the browsing experience smooth since your visitors will feel lost while roaming around the website for faulty navigation.

Do you remember how irritating it was for you when you landed on a webpage where there was no way out for you? The following video explains how web navigation can go wrong.

Weak Security

The threat of cyber attacks has reached unprecedented levels, making it essential to be vigilant about safeguarding your website’s data. It also helps you create a loyal client base.

If you are not sure about the data security of your website you should redesign it with new security features. You should assess the defense system of your website regularly using the help of experts.


Meaningful and engaging interaction with your potential clients is mandatory for your online ventures. You have to consult a web design agency to redesign your website if it fails to involve the visitors with your site.

You may add online mini-games, quizzes, polls, and other interactive elements to your web pages to initiate more user engagement.

No Platform Independence

You cannot guess from which device a user may try to connect with your website. If your website fails to provide services for different devices and platforms, you need to redesign it.

There are two distinct web designing approaches to make your website platform independent, they are responsive web design and adaptive web design.

In the responsive web design method, the website detects the screen resolution of the device and resizes its interface. On the other hand, the website learns the type of the device and serves it with the exact interface that was designed for it when you go with the adaptive web design.

Who Can Redesign a Website?

You will need to hire professional web designers to redesign your website and both website design agencies and expert freelancers can help you with this.

Web design agencies

The best option to redesign a website is to hire a professional web design agency. A good agency can turn your website into a top-grade one with their teams of expert web designers.

However, it can be difficult to hire the right web design agency for your website if you do not have a basic knowledge of web design. We have discussed how to pick a good web design company in the later part of this article.


You can hire a freelance web designer to redesign your website too. There are many esteemed freelancer web designers available on different virtual work platforms.

Make sure that you are hiring a freelancer who can perform the redesign proficiently. You should check their portfolios and see if they have adequate experience with the type of redesign services that your website needs. 

The DIY Approach

The most cost-effective web redesign idea is the DIY approach, which is the best solution for you if your website needs only a few minor adjustments.

But we do not suggest a DIY approach to a website redesign since you may do more harm than good to your website if you do not have the right expertise. 

How to Find a Good Redesigner for Your Website?

Finding the right website redesigner for your website can be tricky. We believe the following tips may come in handy for you in the venture.

Assess the Communication Level

Carefully observe and analyze the communication skills of the designer company. Notice how they are responding to your queries. If their feedback is slow or ambiguous, avoid them. 

If the designer company is clumsy in communication before the contract, it might become more difficult later.

Evaluate their Portfolio and Testimonials

Check the company website of the redesigner and see how impressive their website is. If you are not impressed with the website, do not hire them! If they can’t help themself with a good web design, how can they help you?

At the same time, notice what the previous clients of the design company say about it. If possible, contact their previous clients to know their experience.

Do Some Feasibility Tests

Take the price list of the web designer and calculate the financial outcome you expect from the redesigning. If your expected rise in profit does not surpass the redesign cost, don’t go for it.

Contact More than One Designer

Contact multiple web designers to find the best among them for your website. Compare the expertise and cost chart of different service providers. 

In most cases, cost-effective web designing may not be the best solution either. So, you should choose a designer who has better expertise and experience.

Choose the Specialist

Not all service providers can be good at all sorts of redesigning. Some agencies are good at SaaS website design while some are experts at  UX Research. Find the designer who is best for the service you need.

How to Cut Down Your Website Redesign Cost?

The soaring cost of web redesign is a matter of concern for many small business owners. The following tips can be helpful to lower your redesign cost to some extent.

Limit Page Number

The total cost of a website redesign depends on the number of pages to modify. However, all the pages of your website are not equally important. If you can reduce the number of web pages to modify, the cost will come down too. 

Partial Relocation

If you are migrating your website to a new CMS, the overall cost will depend on the volume of data. If possible, shed some unnecessary or redundant content to minimize the cost. 

Readymade Templates

Readymade templates are a good idea to reduce the web redesign cost. Though customized templates are great for the uniqueness of a website, they can be costly.

Make Long-Term Contracts

Making a long-term contract with a web designing company has some financial benefits in the long run. You may get a discount on the overall price. Moreover, your future maintenance cost will be reduced significantly.

Wrapping It Up

Website redesigning is a crucial business decision. The growth of your future business heavily depends on it. That is why you need to be wise and choose the right agency for the job. 

We hope this article will help you with that. We wish you all the best for your website.


A proper website redesign may take up to a few months. However, it depends on the redesign type and the size of your website. For some minor redesigning, it may take only a couple of weeks.

First, consider who has the right expertise. Then, know who is available to serve you? Which party is giving you a more competitive price? Now, analyze the answers to make up your mind.

Yes, you can keep the existing date of your website while redesigning. However, the cost will go high depending on the volume of data. So, we would suggest you shed off unnecessary content if possible.